Inclusion of Encryption algorithm in the CA GEN Product - F27588

Idea created by VikasGargrbs on Sep 7, 2016
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    This is related to CA product CA GEN: 


    As per the current discussion we had on the CA community link (given below), it seems currently there is no algorithm with the product to transmit the data securely over the transmission network. Please see the details around the requirement and discussion we had on the same in the link below. 



    We would like to propose an idea, encrypt the data/credentials as product feature (with a way for the encryption key to be different/managed by each customer and should be able to securely store and exchange between Client and Server applications). We believe this may be a basic requirement for lot of customer who transmit the confidential data over the network (probably an SSL/TLS solution, but any solution should meet standard IS Policies). 


    If you feel the same or like the idea, request you to please vote for the same.