Avoiding NX_CMDB_VISUALIZER being overwritten after pdm_configure

Idea created by steed04 Employee on Sep 12, 2016
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    Behavior today:


    After running pdm_configure NX_CMDB_VISUALIZER has been overwritten. The customer changes NX_CMDB_VISUALIZER in order to configure a friendly url instead of a server url. It is useful when a name has to be published for external users. The customer has been changing NX_CMDB_VISUALIZER manually through pdm_options_mgr, but after running pdm_configure, it is overwritten.


    How to Reproduce:


    1. Run pdm_configure
    2. Select “Configure Visualizer”
    3. Finish pdm_configure
    4. Go to NX.ENV and change NX_CMDB_VISUALIZER to other value, ex. change to a friendly url (manually or through dm_options_mgr)
    5. Run pdm_configure again
    6. Confirm the Visualizer options
    7. Finish pdm_configure
    8. Go to NX.ENV and see the original value there (changes were overwritten)


    I D E A:


    1. Pdm_configure should get NX_CMDB_VISUALIZER from NX.ENV instead of creating a new one and overwritten it.
    2. Pdm_configure should allow “Web Host” and “Web Host Port” on Visualizer section to be edited