'Default' Pending Action Value

Idea created by LeticiaGameiro Employee on Sep 13, 2016
    Not planned

    Service Catalog offers the ability to define pending action transitions, to Restrict the Status Changes Available for a Request Item.

    When the request approver select the perform action button, it shows the current status value selected, forcing the approver to explicitly select from the available options.

    Occasionally, there are pending action scenarios, such as validation or request for information, where the approver only have one option to choose from, such as “done”…  Apart from the perform action click, choosing from one single option, might be one step too many.


    In the following example, the pending action status is 1400 (Request for Information - status), and the only available option for “perform action” is 1410 (Information provided). One way to overcome  the need for an extra step is to have a predetermined option default selected, instead of the current value .

    <custom_menu current_status_value="1400">
    <st_1410 statval="1410 "/>
    <st_1400 statval="1400"/>


    Having said that, my request is to have the ability to predetermine the default value for a pending action transition.