Consistent App.config Settings like exe.ini options

Idea created by WayneMorgan on Sep 19, 2016
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    Ref Issue "00381125: .NET App.config settings vs INI file "


    trying to share the app at runtime - App runs from a shared network drive - therefore in WinC - each user gets a copy of the INI file  - that contains Connection setting as well as panel Columns settings)


    in .NET - we get the xml file stored  in c:\users\{user}\appdata\local\Appexe\somerandomexmlfilename.xml - however this file seems to only contain the XAML settings for the panel settings -


    Last comment from CA on the issue


    Thanks for the thorough explanation, I could understand the problem. We need to provide the same functionality of C++ for C# as well on picking up the exe.config file. Simply copying the exe.config file to all users AppData\Local is not enough. As you said, this is a candidate for enhancement request. 



    For the below statement you added


    “the * OBPnl.xml IS copied to C:\Users\{user}\AppData\Local\{Package}App.exe?????.xml so there must be something in the runtime that is doing this already “,
    this is for “Save Placement” functionality. Plex WPF runtime saves the panel coordinates and sizes in those xml (OBPnl.xml in this case) files.


    One more point is I believe other users also might have come across the same problem. Good to know their comments also. I suggest post about this in communities. From my side I will create an enhancing request for this.