xFlow processes running even when xFlow is not installed

Idea created by J_W on Sep 24, 2016


    SDM 14.1.03 installed on new system.  xFlow interface was NOT installed.  Customers only want the latest cumulative patches / forms.



    After creating a new Request, the following is seen in the Activity Log:


    Activity Type:  Heat Changed
    Analyst:  System_AHD_generated  
    Internal?    Yes  
    User Description:  Heat has changed from '' to 'Low'
    System Description:  Heat of the ticket has changed


    We are also seeing entries in stdlog for the Heat and Weather processes during startup and shutdown.


    These process are shown in pdm_status:



    Heat Weather      (pdm_hw_nxd)
    Object Mgr HW     (domsrvr:hw)



    This is observed both when the system is configured as a single Primary server using the 'default' configuration and also when a named Configuration is created for a Primary and Secondary setup.  These process are not added during Configuration setup.


    To disable this you must go into Options Manager and change the default value of the "heat_weather" option from "Heat & Weather" to "off" and restart SDM services.  (None of the Heat & Weather options can be 'deinstalled').



    The installation of SDM 14.1.03 should be changed so this value defaults to "off".  If the user decides to install xFlow then the installation program should be updated to ask which of the values for this option they want during installation or else provide a post-installation task that they need to go into Options Manger and manually change the settings. 




    If the customer is not planning to use xFlow, they should not have to deactivate options.  If they change their mind later, then they can update the required option.