Remove pre-check for GROUP email address in nf.htmpl for 'Manual Notify' activity

Idea created by gonsh01 Employee on Sep 29, 2016
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    Hi Team,


    There is a behavior changed in Service Desk 14.1, for Manual Notifications, when the preferred method is 'EMail'.
    The code now has a pre-check for the contacts set in the 'Manual Notify' list to ensure that they have email address set, if the preferred Method is 'Email'

    According the thread in the community: SDM 14.1 Manual Notify for a group  , it was a intentional change, due to an enhancement Request.


    The reason is:


    "There are instances when a notification is automatically sent to an end user, e.g. an Analyst enters information in an issue. If the contact has no eMail Adress attached no eMail is sent. This is logged in servicedesk, but the Analyst is NOT informed ONLINE. Therefore the Analyst will expect the email to be sent and is not looking for the logged Information.
    Customer requested that the Analyst is informed online that the current customer has no eMail Adresse entered 8pt; padding: 0px;"> 

    That's why the change was Required.


    However, it affected ALL contacts and Groups.


    If customer try to do a Manual Notify to a group, by preferred method Email, and the group does not has an email set. an error message popup comes up to the screen alerting that the email id was not found for that group, and the group members won't receive the email notification.
    This will force customer to set a dummy email to all the groups.


    So he requests a new change in the code to remove the contact type 'Group' from this pre-check. Since the Group is not aperson, it is a container, and the group members will receive the notification, the groups wouldn't need an email address set.


    Tks in advance