CA (DE) Attached File to Email Notifications

Idea created by lockey on Oct 4, 2016
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    CA (DE)

    Version 11.3

    Wish List:  CA (DE) Attached File to Email Notifications


    There have been times when it would have been useful to attach a file to a notification.    Currently DE does not provide this ability.


    Please enhance the notifications to allow the attachment of a file by providing a path and APPL variable that is defined in javascript or a previous job.


    This should be a basic feature in the DE suite.


    Perhaps, even a special job type for sending emails and attachments.

         In a failure case have an EMAIL job where you can specify TO:   CC: BCC: Subject:   Attach: etc

         Yes we have this built into the jobs right now, but a separate EMAIL job that would be under a COMMUNICATION      

         section along with other options like SLACK integration would be really cool!


    Come on DE let's catch up with the times here.