CA PAM: Add list of users belonging to PAM Roles

Idea created by milda17 Employee on Oct 5, 2016
    • Chris_Sec_East
    • Jarcelle
    • milda17
    • AsifShaikh

    When auditors review administrative access to CA PAM, the the only way to perform this audit is by viewing each account individually, or run an export of the users from the system and then parse the results in a CSV file.  I recommend updating the User Roles properties to include all current users.  For instance, if you log into CA PAM and navigate to Users > Manage Roles and then select Global Administrator, this property page should display the current list of users in the Global Administrator Role as well as the Privileges assigned to the role.  This is similar to the idea submitted by Jarcelle, but implemented consistent with the User Group and Device Group Property pages where the associated users/devices are displayed.