websphere_mq: All metrics in Alias Queues

Idea created by JFFernandes on Oct 6, 2016



    Recently we had to implement the websphere_mq probe in a environment with hundreds of queues, already set, that followed no name nomenclature. After analysing the queues metrics available we found that the best way would be to create an alias for every queue that needed to be monitored and setting the filter to search for a prefix or suffix on the name of the queue, but this possiblity isn't enough since the available metrics for the Alias_Queue are only:

    • Inhibit Get Status
    • Inhibit Put Status


    This two metrics are not enough, so we face the need to configure a filter for all queues or to recreate every queue following a specific name nomenclature.


    The idea is "simple", to be able to activate the rest of the metrics available for local queues on the alias queue monitoring.