Spectrum x UIM Integration - Modelling Hub by Landscape

Idea created by victorwalter on Oct 11, 2016

    Hi IM Team,


    I'm testing Spectrum 10.1.2 x UIM 8.47 integration. It's working great. 


    I have one idea to improve on distributed environments. Would be nice if we could choose on which Spectrum landscape we'll integrate each hub to create the UIM Models. 



    SS1 (MLS) = Brazil DataCenter (Brazil devices)

    SS2 = EUA DataCenter (EUA devices)

    SS3 = UK DataCenter (UK devices)


    HUB (Primary Hub) 

    HUB1 (Hub) = Brazil DataCenter (Brazil Robots)

    HUB2 (Hub) = EUA DataCenter (EUA Robots)

    HUB3 (Hub) = UK DataCenter (UK Robots)


    In this scenario I would like to choose where to model each HUB:


    All UIM Robots from HUB1 on landscape SS1 

    All UIM Robots from HUB2 on landscape SS2

    All UIM Robots from HUB3 on landscape SS3