History and Status Tracking on USS

Idea created by Zel-LouisevandenHeever1312144 on Oct 12, 2016

    The old employee interface provided the end user with all the details related to the ticket when it was logged, to which group it was assigned and the analyst it is assigned to. This is not available in USS and is causing a lot of frustration on the end user side. It is meant to be a one stop shop enabling the user to track the request but USS is providing limited information. This is causing an unnecessary influx of calls to the service desk, users have to phone to get an update instead of being able to see it all on the USS screen.


    On USS if a ticket was logged the users are unable to track and see with whom the approval is pending, instead it is showing the system user name that initiated the approval task. Can this be changed to rather show with whom the approval is pending? In Catalog it shows you with whom the action is pending but in USS  that is the actual user front end it is showing the system account. Further to this if a ticket is generated from USS to Service Desk we would need to see the activity information on the USS portal as well. USS is the way forward to promote self help but it is limiting the end user, information that was available on the old employee screen is not available on USS.