CASM install Package

Idea created by micah.garsidewhite on Oct 19, 2016

    Currently a fresh install of the CASM solution involves multiple installs from a the component ISO followed by a series of patching.  There is a lot of tribal knowledge around what patches are needed and in what order (SLCM needs Cum 1 & cum 2, USS needs cum 1 & 2, SDM only needs CUM 2 but there are a bunch of known errors in CUM 2 that need to be tested for).  In the absence of a major release it would make deployment a lot more user friendly if ISO images were released for to install the version of the software you want to deploy (similar to CCA and Process Automation).  If that is a bridge too far, it would be nice to get a packaged solution to bring a system up to a cumulative release level (applies all pre-requisites and patches in a single wizard).