CA-MSSQL changing ntext to nvarchar

Idea created by ohf on Nov 2, 2016

    Good morning


    Environment: CA ServiceDesk manager 14.1 cum2

    Database: MSSQL (in our case, mssql 2012)


    Doing some research to improve the performance in our database we detected that we have several fields in the database wich are ntext type (Majority of them reference to descriptions and external_sytem_ticket).


    This is a problem, because working with ntext:

    • Because is not possible to create an index for an ntext field inside the database.
    • Because ntext field decrease the performance of the database.
    • Working with ntext through web services is hard because you can't use the '=' operator, you have always to work with 'like' operator, so working through webservices involves bad perfomance.
    • Working with ntext gives problems in Business Objects.

    And these are  only the things detected by us...


    Researching in the Microsoft site we noticed that they had deprecated this ntext type since 2008 (they have been talking about its bad perfomance since 2005). But we are in 2016 and our CA has this type of field yet inside its scheme. Since 2005 Microsfot was talking about changing the ntext to nvarchar(max)


    Now Microsoft is talking about not only deprecating, about deleting this field type. They don't have a date yet.


    But from CA the response to that is that they won't start to work until Microsoft gives a date to that.


    Ok, why work proactively when we can sit doing nothing until it is too late?


    We need only a patch to solve this problem, because it's a problem.


    The patch only have to do the SQL ALTER COLUMN to the fields wich are ntext inside the database (there is no change inside the CA scheme, not inside the ddict.sch,wsp.mods, wspschema...). Or instead a patch/fix, a techdoc about how to change in a secure way the field type.


    It's not difficult to solve that, instead of saying to the users that there's no patch or date to solve it.