Assembler Data Field Display

Idea created by michael.schmitt on Nov 9, 2016
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    [This Idea was previously submitted as Support Connect DAR 13394592-2: D OR K ASSEMBLER IMPROVEMENT]


    When debugging assembler programs in CA-InterTest Batch, it only displays data fields as Hex. It is not using the actual field type to format the display. This occurs throughout the product, including the KEEP, DISPLAY, and D, K line commands.


    For example, given the following line from an assembler program:

    0009D0 D207 DF44 E028 00FFC 00028  1078          MVC   RPVIMPSB,INQEPSB


    and both fields are DS CL8,


    an Autokeep window displays:

    18CFFF64 HX    000000 02 R13!+F44                     0000000000000000

    18CFFBD0 HX    000000 02 R14!+28                      E6C9D4E7F5F3F0F0


    There are two problems:

    1. When a Keep is done implicitly or explicitly on a data name, the data name should be displayed in the keep line. Otherwise the programmer doesn't know which data field the keep line is for. (Note that the data name may also have an offset. For example, if the code was MVC RPVIMPSB+5,INQEPSB, then the offset would need to be displayed in the keep line.)
    2. Keeps and Displays should format the data according to the type of data storage/constant. For example:

    DS/DC    Format as

    A            address

    B            bit string

    C            character string

    X            hex

    F            binary fullword

    H           binary halfword

    P           packed decimal



    (Binary and packed numbers should format as their decimal values, just as InterTest does for COBOL data items.)


    If the programmer needs to see the actual hex contents of the field, then could do that via the Hex display command.