Fix wrong cost summary in catalog cart

Idea created by TomStarke Employee on Nov 14, 2016

    Hi there,


    when you make a request in CA Catalog all costs of the elements are summed up and shown as total costs regardless whether the costs are one time only payments or periodical costs.

    For example we request a Database Management Service with 4 elements (which in on ITASM - for insiders).

    This one has a one time charge of $200.


    Next option:

    This one has a monthly charge of $25.


    Next option:

    This one has no billing cycle, but is changed at $150.


    And another option:

    Like the one above, no billing cycle, but $2.


    Now the overall cart:


    As you can see, the sum is comprised of:

    • one time $200
    • monthly $25
    • no cycle $150
    • no cycle $2

    = $377 (which is misleading)


    A more accurate summary would look like that:

    • one time $200
    • monthly $25
    • no cycle $152 (can even be skipped in summary)


    So, would it be possible adding sums for each billing cycle (on time, yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily, no cycle) instead of putting everything in one bucket?


    Did anyone implement something like that using form customization?


    Kind regards,