Making API Portal+OTK & OAuth Manager both working 

Idea created by PhBrand on Nov 15, 2016
    • kalra05
    • Alexandre Siqueira
    • Luiz Fernando Carvalho
    • PhBrand
    • sharkkae

    The default installation of GW enables Oauth Manager and it works without

    any issues, you can use the Oauth manager to create apps, generate keys and

    secrets to validation


    When you install MAG (which is required for custom mobile apps and use of

    MAG/MAS SDK) the link between GW and Oauth manager is replaced with GW and

    Portal DB, this removes our ability to login to Oauth Manager and MAG Manager.


    The MAG manager is used to see how many devices are registered and we can

    remove/revoke devices. If you have application using Oauth Manager they will

    stop working after MAG integration so we need these changes to work with both.


    In order to resolve this, the Policy "OTK Client DB Get" needs to be modified post Portal integration, in order to give back the ability to use OAuth Manager.


    This modified policy should come as standard.