CA Identity Manager - Workitem Title Localization

Idea created by SumeetMahajan on Nov 17, 2016
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    Hello Team,

    Please consider this as an enhancement request for Identity Manager Workflow feature.


    Worklist Workitem Title is needed to be localized. Meaning, if there are multiple approvers for a Queue,in each Approver's his/her Worklist, the Workitem should be shown with a text which is in Approver'slocalized language. User's preferred language can either be taken from User Store or may be a configurable item.Currently this is only in English language.


    Following code is used for setting Workitem title inside Workpoint Designer:

    1. newTitle = "(AR - " + taskNumber + ") \"New Application Access Request for " + getSubjectUser(job).getFriendlyName() + "\" to " + getGroupAttrValue(symbolTable, clientContext, Group.PROPERTY_FRIENDLY_NAME);

    2. ThisJobData.setUserData("nete.NISProcessTitle", newTitle);


    Statement Number 2 above will set title as per dynamic values and static text.


    This code is writtenin an Job level Agent Java Code inside Workflow Process. The moment Workflow Job initiates, this Agent isexecuted and a static Workitem title text in English language is set for all the Approvers.


    As the product is used by users across the globe, localized interface is extremely essential, hence considerthis as an enhancement request. Please advise if more information is required.


    It will also be nice if Workitem localization is implemented for CA Identity Suite (SIGMA) interface.