Global Count Limit

Idea created by michael.schmitt on Nov 22, 2016
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    • michael.schmitt

    [Previously submitted in 20016 as DAR 14637887-1: GLOBAL COUNT LIMIT]


    Let's say we have an application that is in a loop, but we don't know where exactly the loop is occurring.  Assume we have InterTest Batch but not CA Optimizer/Analyzer.


    Using another debugger (i.e. Not InterTest), I could turn statement frequency counting on and then set a count limit, so that it would break when the statement execution limit was reached. The count limit could be set on a particular statement. InterTest can do this.


    Or, it could be set globally, which is what I would do to catch the loop. I would simply tell it to stop when ANY statement was executed over 100,000 times, and then let the program go.


    The problem in InterTest is that count limits are a function of the UNCOND command, which only works on specific statements (unless one of the ALL parameters is used, such as ALL ENTRY).


    The WHEN command, which allows breakpoints across all statements in one program, doesn't have a COUNT option.


    What I want to be able to do is:

    1. Set a count limit breakpoint that operates on any statement within a program.
    2. Set a global count limit breakpoint that operates on any statement within any monitored program.