Clearer message to enter "Edit" mode if "Accept Solution" is used, in CA SDM.

Idea created by Kyle_R Employee on Nov 25, 2016
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    Add a message that indicates the user should be in Edit mode under the following circumstances that patch T5PT394 addresses.


    Logged on behalf of client from issue 00483925.

    "Clearer warning message needed from T5PT394 regarding underlying issue"



    The following patch addresses the underlying issue of a Category not being updated in non-Edit mode.

    However, the message that it gives to the user is unclear.

    The message would be better if it advised that the user needs to be in Edit mode to make the change.


    At the moment, the issue that the system is trying to warn you about is this:

    * You can't be in non-Edit mode if
    * You wish to Accept as Solution a Knowledge Document and
    * The new Request Area/Category from Knowledge field mapping
    * Contains mandatory values that would do not have a chance to be populated.


    Or in short "You must be in Edit mode if mandatory properties on the new Request Area/Category exist to use Accept Solution."


    That is a bit wordy, but conveys the point.


    What the system ACTUALLY says does not help the user:

    AHD05807: One or more Properties require values


    An onscreen error message such as this would be more useful:

    "Mandatory Properties on new Request Area/Category detected. Please use Edit mode and use 'Accept as Solution' again to complete this action."


    Something that prompts the user to go to "Edit" mode to overcome this issue, at any rate.

    Otherwise the user may look at the ticket and think "What Properties are required? They're all filled in/there are no Properties to fill in."

    PRODUCT: Unicenter Service Desk RELEASE: 12.9

    PROB #: 3590 FN: T5PT394 FT: D33 DATE: 11 Jul 2016
    STARTRAK PRODUCT NAME: USRD (Star Problem Product)

    While trying to accept a Knowledge document as a
    solution to a ticket in view mode and having a
    category with required but unfilled properties,
    the knowledge document will not be accepted as
    solution however 'Solution Accepted' message
    appears on the top of the ticket detail page and
    following error message is reported in the
    Service Desk Manager standard log file.

    "kt_daemon 4024 ERROR sdinteg.c 543
    CSDInteg: accept_kd failed In method
    accept_reject_kd_CIKD:400003 SD ersID:cr:400015.
    Error Message: Error 1 INVALID AHD05807:One or
    more Properties require values"

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Create a Knowledge Category 'ABCD' .
    2. Create a Request Area 'ABCD' with some
    required properties.
    3. Under Administration tab->Knowledge->Service
    Desk Integration->Field Mapping, verify that the
    'Populate Service Desk values from Knowledge
    Management' is checked.
    4. Create a ticket Request and save it.
    5. Search for a Knowledge Document from Knowledge
    Management tab and accept it as solution.


    Though the solution is not accepted, 'Solution
    Accepted' message appears.



    User training to be aware of scenario.