iConsole search results should better support hybrid security models

Idea created by rosme02 Employee on Nov 29, 2016
    • rosme02
    • Mukund Kalidasa Mallar

    Data Protection has long supported hybrid security models, where a reviewer is restricted both by the users in the hierarchy and the class of the policy that triggers.  The iConsole standard search results do not, however, support the model when looking at the audit status column.  The audit status defaults to the management group security model when a reviewer runs search.  This is misleading, as it displays an audit status of closed or pending when the event actually still requires review, and has no visible issues on it.  It is particularly misleading when searching for both reviewed and unreviewed events, as the value in the column may be completely inaccurate.


    I suggest that we better support the hybrid security model by properly displaying the audit status for an event in the iConsole standard search results based on the reviewer's assigned security model.