Dynamic and conditional properties in the Service Desk Manager tool

Idea created by Daniel Becker Bighelini Champion on Nov 30, 2016

    Incorporate in the tool the customization that allows the use of conditional properties in the commercial objects of the SDM tool.

    Some advantages of the new feature:


    • Conditional display of properties that depend on the value of other properties;
    • Conditional view of properties that depend on the execution of one or more workflow tasks;
    • Validation of properties using regular expressions (regex);
    • Extension of the types of property validation rules;
    • Among other improvements.


    Basically, this customization involves changing the sitemods.js, load_properties.htmpl, xx_prop_tab.htmpl, and detail_***.htmpl files.

    Note: The demonstration video was narrated in Brazilian Portuguese.

    This idea was published originally from the SDM Brazil community on Facebook.