Introduce conditional macro association to Status Dependent Attribute Control

Idea created by banin02 Employee on Nov 30, 2016
    Not planned

    Currently, we have two options under the dependent attribute control for "Status" whether Change / Request / Issues. These are the "Locked" or "Required" options for each available status. Having some control on each would be very beneficial and would let most organization use this feature in a very effective way. The suggestion is to introduce association of condition macros (Condition / Site-Defined Condition) with each of the options (separately) - i.e. Condition for "Locked" and condition for "Required". That way we will be able to control when any attribute is locked or made required based on the status. Currently, it is either "locked" at all times or not for a particular status. Same is the case for "Required" option - either required or not. For example, we cannot configure an attribute as "Required" for say a Change Order for the status "Approval in progress" in case (only) if the Change Type is "Emergency". We may not need that same attribute to be required if the Change Type is non-Emergency.