Duplicate contract in BSI behaving unexpected

Idea created by Besim Dzemaili on Dec 2, 2016
    Under review
    • michael.reichl
    • npita
    • IainLambert
    • Besim Dzemaili

    Dear Community and Product Management,


    i found an issue, that you might consider to change, because it should be easy to fix and can be quite annoying.


    i actually like to use the "duplicate" function provided for metrics and contracts in BSI, but the problem is, that this function seems to take the contract default timezone for the new metrics and not the timezone from the original metric.


    if all metrics in a contract have the same timezone, this is no problem, but for one of my customers, i have a contract with 50 different timezones.


    when i duplicate this contract , all of the timezones a set back to the contract default (which is UTC)


    another issue is, that i'm not even warned, that the "duplicate" differs with the timezone. so i commit the contract and wonder, why all results are incorrect.


    Best regards

    Michael and Besim