Unable to reference "status_prev" in SD AA configuration

Idea created by thomas.slyman on Dec 8, 2016
    Not planned
    • J_W
    • Jon_Israel
    • PaulStecca

    I guess I will start with an idea, but some may feel this is a defect. I have just discovered that the Service Desk object "status_prev" is unreferencable in a Service Desk Advanced Availability configuration.  I had been working with CA Support on a case to determine why I couldn't get an event to fire on a status transition based on a condition that a Change Order status goes from Draft to RFC, and we finally theorized it was related to the way the AA environment is architected.  "Status_prev" is not a physical database attribute.  It is something that is cached in memory while the status transition occurs.  So it appears as though the cached value of "status_prev" is on the application server, while the actual Event condition is running in the context of the background server.  CA Support is planning to confirm all of this to be true, but in the meantime, please vote on whether or not you feel being able to reference "status_prev" in an AA configuration is a functionality worth carrying forward.