Tool to show the users connected to SDM via SOPA/REST

Idea created by Sandra_Antunes on Dec 15, 2016
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    It is not unusual the need to know if there is any way to list active connections in the CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) Web Services (REST and SOAP). 


    The KPI returns some information, but in the case it is necessary to have a nominal list of users connected, how is this currently done in SDM?





    There isn't a way to monitor the active sessions generated by SOAP or REST via a SDM command (as it exists for the webengine process, via pdm_webstat -D) or via GUI.


    The way to verify how many sessions are currently active is by checking the sda connection messages from the stdlogs:


    1. Session created:


    servername sda 6192 SIGNIFICANT sda.cpp 2387 Web Services session created 1496143980; user(acesso_soap_rest); IP(; session count 7


    2. Session Ended:

    servername sda 6192 SIGNIFICANT sda.cpp 2387 Web Services session ended 2107993368; user(cavizuser); IP(; session count 76

    3. Session expired:

    servername sda 6860 SIGNIFICANT sda.cpp 2387 Web Services session found to be expired 262339433; user(cavizuser); IP(; session count 5

    In these messages you can get the user and the IP address from which the connection came from, as well as the session count:

    • user(cavizuser)
    • IP(
    • session count 5

    Thus, currently the only way to have some validation done in this area is by checking the stdlogs.




    It is necessary to have a tool which shows which users are connected to SDM via SOAP and/or REST, such as pdm_webstat is used for existent connections in Webengine.