Avoid undesirable accept button while updating a ticket

Idea created by Eduardo_Paz_Black on Dec 22, 2016

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    Regarding the situation described in some CA documents, Service Desk Manager permits multiple updates at same time for a ticket, for the user working on it. It is OK and works very well - This is considered a nice capability, helping our clients to increase productivity.


    Unfortunately this capability has a "work as designed" behavior that is considered by most clients as a bug: if an user edit a ticket and, with the ticket in edit mode, closes the browser window using the [x] button, the ticket remais in edit mode by SDM, locked for new updates, until the update lock timeout is reached.


    As workaround, we developed a simple javascript calling the cancel_update() function triggered by onunload event in most common edit forms (there is a lot!). Obviously we are afraid on that because we don't know exactly the impacts this workaround could generate to SDM.


    The ideia is to avoid by default the undesired accept button, removing the lock from system if the user closes the update window without using the "Cancel" button or "Close window" link.


    Following the links to official CA documents about this subject:




    And a discussion about that:

    "Save" Button Caption Changing to "Accept" on Status Update Page 


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