Dashboard improvement - Title,data range,update

Idea created by lvBNPP on Jan 9, 2017

    For example, If we use Deployment Throughput & Success Rate.

    An Ops designer want to see only production information.

    If he select only, production, we don't see this information on dashboard.

    If we add an title, with criteria selection users will more understand dashboard.

    Update title with selection criteria could help to undertand its content.


    When we select more than 365 days we have this message:

    too heavy data for chart (366 days), please narrow criteria...


    Compare evolution on 13 month can help to understand evolution of use of the product.

    Extend the selection could help to compare information.


    When we select on data range Today, we must select this case to refresh information.

    If we do this choice we don't want to repeat this action every time.

    Could we automatic refresh dashboard if today is selected in dashboard parameter?


    I can repeat this idea for all dashboards.