Fix export of Objective Statement

Idea created by mzeiler on Jan 9, 2017
    Under review
    • mzeiler
    • KathyGrimm

    The possibility of exporting contractual information from BSI is one of the central use cases of the Contract Management with CA Business Service Insight.

    However, the the Objective Statement as THE central piece of information (and configuration) is very odd when  it comes to its usage in Contract Exports or Booklets:


    1. Applying the fonts formatting is a bit tricky when its a mixture of free text and parameters or BSI entities like Service, Service Domains etc.
    2. Using "formatted" Text (e.g. by applying Tabs etc.) becomes overwritten / cancelled for no apparent reason when editing a metric later on
    3. When exporting the Objective Statement, the selected font for BSI internal entities is voided and automatically replaced by Times New Roman - which makes the export file look very odd and unusable in a business context (unless you're at Times New Roman anyway)
    4. Hyperlinks are not exported and become null values.


    I'd primarily consider this a bug / malfunction rather than "enhancement idea", but in case we aren't the only ones to use this feature, maybe your opinion on this one might help to get this fixed