Make Exceptions independent from Contract Parties

Idea created by mzeiler on Jan 17, 2017
    Under review
    • WendyArthur
    • mzeiler

    For the Exception handling, a very common use case is to have such exceptions to be assigned to particular services rather than contracts / customers only.


    In contrary to formerly typical 1:1 sourcing situations, in current cloud and xaaS-offerings, such exceptions are likely to be required to be maintained in a generic way.


    In its current state, CA BSI does not allow to assign exceptions to "only" Services and/or Domain Categories, but is dependent on Contract Parties and/or Contracts as well.

    As a consequence of that, Exceptions can only be assigned to current customers / contracts. When additional customers are on-boarded, the exception needs to be manually updated in order to have these additional customers assigned.


    I'd therefore like to propose to get rid of this restriction and allow the assignment of Exceptions to Services and/or Domain Categories directly, without further narrowing down to Contract Parties or Contracts.

    Contract Parties are pretty similar to Services, i.e. they do not undergo version control and are basically attributes of SLAs. As it works for Contract Parties (without contractual context!) already, I don't expect this to be a big deal for implementation.


    Another workaround might be to also pick up contract party groups as sort-of a wildcard placeholder for all the future customers to come.