$form_data_sd$ and $form_data_sd_row$ Event Parameters are Inconsistent with getFormRateItemValues Response

Idea created by JohnCLogan Employee on Jan 18, 2017
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    In CA Service Catalog 14.1, the $form_data_sd$ and $form_data_sd_row$ parameters of the Request/Subscription Item Change event contain parameters which are inconsistent with the response data returned from the getFormRateItemValues Request Web Service method.


    If these event parameters included the same data provided by getFormRateItemValues the form data associated with a Service Option could be passed to a PAM process as a variable via the Start Request Form. This would eliminate the need to call getFormRateItemValues in the PAM process, reducing the size of the process, improving process performance, and reducing the number of web service transactions that must be processed by CA Service Catalog.


    Currently, the Event Parameters only include the following values for each form field:

    • name (it is actually the _id of the form field)
    • value (a single value of a pipe delimited string for field types such as select fields)
    • type


    The values returned by getFormRateItemValues for each form field are:

    • ID (equivalent to the 'name' value in the event parameters)
    • label (is not provided in the event parameters)
    • labelValue (could be included as a keyword of the pipe delimited 'value' string in the event parameters when applicable)
    • type (equivalent to the 'type' value in the event parameters)
    • value (equivalent to the 'value' value in the event parameters except when it is a pipe delimited string)


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