Require a filter to show Maintainence Licences

Idea created by swapy on Jan 23, 2017
    • Carol.Uranker
    • Deivyson
    • swapy

    Within Effective Licenses tab in CA SAM tool, we need to check if Effective License has a maintenance license or not. And the maintained licenses should reflect in another column.

    Example: I may buy 10 perpetual licenses but choose to maintain service & support for only 5, The view should provide total entitlements as 10 and maintained entitlements as 5.

    As confirmed by engineer 'Alexandre Almeida' currently not available in CA SAM, we have to run report against DB each time when we need this.

    It would be great if such filter can be implemented in CA SAM, for example under 'Effective licences' tab.