Bring back the 'Retire' option within the Relationship nodes.

Idea created by Carol.Uranker Employee on Jan 30, 2017
    Not planned
    • Carol.Uranker
    • Marc.Corbin
    • ScottB

    We have Virtual servers that are linked to Clusters through Custom relationships in 14.1. We have had them since 11.3.4 to track where the VM’s are located for OS licensing. When we decommission a server, we retired the relationship to the cluster. When I am attempting to do this in 14, I notice there is no Retire button, only delete. How can former relationship be accounted for? I do not see the delete transaction displayed in Notes, Audit Trail or anywhere. I do a similar process when a server is retired and a real license is not in use any longer. There does not appear to be a retire button, just delete.

    Example:  SW Allocated to HW this does not work all the way. If you have a SW license related to a server for example. The available license count will decrease as you link to an asset. Now say you are retiring the server and want to harvest the license for re-use. When I went into the relationship node to set the checkbox to "Inactive" it did not increase the available count. The only way to show the license as available is to delete the relationship. 

    In this scenario, setting to Inactive does not meet the task requirements of harvesting the license and keeping track of where the license had previously resided on.