The future of CA SDM SOAP

Idea created by frank.earnhardt on Feb 2, 2017
    Currently Planned

    SOAP has been around for many years now and it seems (for me at least), that SOAP came and went before I could fully leverage it completely. With REST on the horizon (many vendors have even dropped support for SOAP), 

    I would like to vote to keep CA SDM SOAP around for a little while longer and also create this idea for CA to enhance current REST so that it has at a minimum when SOAP is dropped, REST will at least have the same features as existing SOAP does today.



    SOAP FeatureRESTComment

    Multiple login methods

    • login(usr,pwd)
    • loginService(usr,pwd,policy)
    • loginServiceManaged(policy,encryptedPolicy)

    Multiple Policy Controls

    • Limit SOAP Operations per hour
      • Ticket Creation
      • Object Creation
      • Object Updates
      • Attachments
      • Data Queries
      • Knowledge
    • Allow Impersonate
    • 1-Many Error Types
      • Template Driven
      • Duplicate Handling with time interval
      • Return Data Control
        • User
        • Application