REST API Support for Update of Inactive Objects

Idea created by jmcrowe on Feb 20, 2017
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    • Michael Mueller
    • herku02
    • jmcrowe

    Hello. My organization requires the ability to maintain an objects status flag (delete_flag) via integration. Also desirable, though not as critical, is the ability to maintain/update an object while in an inactive status. Both of these transactions are supported by the SOAP API currently. The REST API supports updates to active objects, including inactivating that object, but does not allow updates or reactivation while the object is in an inactive state (confirmed with CA Support).


    Use Case: Student becomes an active CA Service Desk contact when admitted to the university; Student later graduates and is no longer an active affiliate of the university (becomes inactive in Service Desk); Former student is later employed by the university, reestablishing an active affiliation (becomes active again in Service Desk).


    My organization would appreciate having this functionality brought forward to the REST API so that we can retrofit our integrated apps and enjoy the benefits of the improved API.


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