Convert date fields to addressee's time zone in notification email

Idea created by camja06 Employee on Feb 23, 2017
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    As an analyst in a time zone remote from the SDM host, I would like to have dates in email notifications to me presented in my timezone.  Currently a New Zealand-based analyst, for example, may receive an email notification from an SDM host in Western Australia showing that an update is due, but the time shown in the email is offset 5 hours from the New Zealand time zone.  The offset causes confusion for analysts and clients and may result in missed SLAs.


    One way to present this might be to add a 'Use Contact's Timezone' checkbox to the Notification tab for the contact,  and then have pdm_mail apply the time adjustment when writing date/time fields into an email to any contact who has the 'Use Contact's Timezone' flag set.