Scheduled Import Jobs do not run if person who created it is removed from role. Notify that user has Jobs assigned or allow Job to re-assigned

Idea created by ScottB Employee on Mar 1, 2017
    Not planned
    • Carol.Uranker
    • ScottB

    When a person who created a scheduled ITAM Import Job leaves the company or changes functions, removing them from an ITAM role will cause the scheduled Import Job to fail. A notification needs to be presented to the Admin when they are removing the user from a Role. It should state the user has active Jobs to re-create/change.


    Second enhancement should be for an easy way to change the Job to a new user, or do not assign the Job to a specific user to be able to run. This is prevalent with using Windows Authentication. Having to re-create all the jobs could be long and risk not knowing they failed for an extended period of time.Currently the only way to get the scheduled import jobs to run is to re-create.