support of dotted notation in REST web service queries

Idea created by Michael Mueller Employee on Mar 3, 2017
    Not planned
    • Michael Mueller
    • herku02
    • TMACUL
    • ElwynnMartin

    I see a lack in the current implementation of the REST webservices of SDM, when trying to fetch data with a given wherecause.

    Currently the wherclauses cannot contain dotted attribute conditions, so only first level-attribute-conditions can be used.

    That means, for example, you are not able to fetch all tickets for a certain site of the affected enduser of the tickets

    This could easaly expressed in a majic query like "'Islandia'", which is supported in all other application layer of SDM.


    Additionaly, it may make sense to support dotted attributes in the "attributes to read" (X-Obj-Attrs header) list as well