Increase stdlog hostname length & add server ID, in SDM

Idea created by Kyle_R Employee on Mar 6, 2017
    Not planned
    • William Teixeira
    • Jon_Israel
    • Kyle_R
    • Gordon_Preston

    This follows on from a much earlier idea, where the hostname in the CA Service Desk Manager/ITSM stdlog field was increased from 8 to 14 characters.


    Already, this limit is regularly exceeded by sites who have longer hostnames than this. This is particularly an issue on multi-box setups, where a standard naming convention often makes the first section of the name the same (perhaps a geographic location, or function naming standard). But the differentiating part of the hostname at the end is "cut off" in the log.


    The issue of long host names is unlikely to go away. Already, virtually hosted Azure machines are having FQDNs of 70 characters.



    In a two for the price of one Idea, I'd like to see two changes:


    1) Increase the length of the hostname field in the stdlog from its current 14 characters. 

    Say to 20 characters?


    2) Add an additional "server ID" field to the stdlog, prior to the hostname. This ID would be the unique identifier of that server in the log. It could come from the "System" area.


    The advantage of the second part of the idea, is that it does not matter how long the server name actually is, the ID would always be small enough to include in the log and be uniquely identifiable. We could cross reference this to the System tab and make this information visible.


    Thanks, Kyle_R.