Team Center Map automatic group settings

Idea created by LutzM Champion on Mar 8, 2017
    • Yanna
    • LutzM
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    Hi all folks,

    we have a problem to get useful views in the Team Center Map.

    Today the "Default Overview" contain two "Automatic group" and some other resources only.
    One "Automatic group" contain 1536 and the secound one 908 application names and there are some "Databases" and "Hosts" available also. In general the view is useless, nobody is able to find a resource/node.


    Based on a support information I define two properties in in files

    And I get something like "Building a map with 11558 nodes" and "Laying out 373 nodes". A short time late the view contain some more detail information but isn't very handy.


    I missed an easy way to give the automatic view and grouping used by the Team Center some help to create useful views.


    Any idea/plan/suggestion how to do this,