After selecting a new relationship row to add, the new entry is not displayed on the current list.

Idea created by ScottB Employee on Mar 8, 2017
    Not planned
    • ScottB
    The problem is:  After selecting a new relationship row to add in ITAM, the focus is not changed to display the new row if the current list is over 15 lines. The new relationship is added to the end of the list that is not displayed. You do not know if the item was added to the list or not. From what I understand the newly added line goes to the end of the list that could be 30 lines long.
    Desired behavior:  The page where the new row is added should get focus while records are being added. 
    there are a couple of other ways to handle this as enhancement:  - Show the row that was selected at the top of the current displayed list
    - A message saying “1 record added successfully” instead of taking customer to the last page (it may not be last page if the records are sorted on name and new record can be anywhere on any page).  - We could sort the page based on last update date descending order and keep the display on first page, so that it shows newly added record on the first page.