CA LDAP Server more useful informational messages

Idea created by tobias.gaulke on Mar 16, 2017
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    Hallo Community


    We use CA-LDAP server to remotely access and manage our ACF2 database.We mostly only add and delete logonids to or from ACF2 ROLE records.


    When you add/modify/delete a logonid entry there is an option to configure messages that log which logonid is affected:

        preAddLidMessage   "ACF2_LDAP preAdd for LogonID %s"
        postAddLidMessage  "ACF2_LDAP postAdd for LogonID %s"
        preModLidMessage   "ACF2_LDAP preMod for LogonID %s"


    We have a high need to enable similar messages for X-ROL-objects in the acf2admingrp=XREF branch.

    E.g. when CA LDAP adds a user to ACF2 ROLE named "DEVUSERS" you would see a message like

    ACF_LDAP Added user IBMUSER to role DEVUSERS

    When there is a change on the IncludedRoles or ExcludedRoles field we would like to see messages like the ones for the logonid changes.