Real-time display of remaining SLA times

Idea created by birolturker.kara Champion on Mar 21, 2017
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    Hi Community,


    I have an idea for display remaining SLA time  duration by real time. Also we done it by customization on Incident and Request detail screen on CA SDM 12.9 version.


    Our IT specialists are more than happy to be able to track SLA times in real time, so we have seen the increase in service deliveries before time.


    We show the remaining SLA time by the real time and the net time remaining according to the selected service type.


    When the SLA time has decreased the time background is yellow, and when the SLA time is over (SLA Violation) the time background is red.


    I share some screenshots what we done. I think it's usefully for the next gen/verison CA SM applications.


    I hope you include this feature on OOTB version.


    Best Regards,Türker