Enhancement Request to be improve search performance

Idea created by yoneda on Mar 23, 2017
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    Hello CA product management team.

    We Hitachi expect to improve the following improvement in Secure Cloud Solution.


    Enhancement Request


     I strongly request CA to be improve the performance of search speed on view group user search.

      Actually, it has been take a several minutes to display the result of search.

     As you know, we have huge user accounts + 350K in Secure Cloud, and also user groups 30K are tend to increasing.


    Business impact / Challenges


      The search function is using by administrator in our end customer side in frequently

     We know the search performance is improved in SC1.57 compared with previous version, but the performance of user experience is too poor.

      The following data is our test result how much time to display all the information;


      Search of 1,000 groups        : about 6 seconds

      Search of 30,000 groups     : about 3 minutes


      According to the CA development output, it is possible to improve the search performance to be performing optimize the code.

      Therefor we request to the code optimization, and also to be considering to implement H/W enhance (like as SSD ) to achieve I/O through put more higher level.


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