WCC collector efficiency and speed required , PLEASE

Idea created by scarrobis on Mar 24, 2017
    Currently Planned

    The collector used to be so much faster, now that we are down to 2 tomcat's and the collector is "internalized" it appears to be very erratic in nature. 

    If a job is created or removed it takes anywhere from 1-10 minutes, depending on when it was added. Like all tuning we should be able to change the polling... also it should NOT take 10 minutes to pull in new jobs when other products never had this issue. Neither did WCC for that matter, NOT that I remember anyway even when it was 11.0 

    Maybe I am just getting old .. :-)

    I will say WCC has come a long way and it was decent in 11.0 believe it or NOT, then 3 steps back in 11.3 but now the 11.4 is much better, i will grant that.. BUT efficiency and expedience of a batch GUI on events is ESSENTIAL. 1-10 minutes can make or break an Operations process. seeing the wrong state or the job not there, etc., is unacceptable. 

    So please may we have the next release focus on what is truly important, speed of process...


    Thank you 


    Steve C.