Vendor Certification of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise OmniSwitches AOS7 and up

Idea created by stephanseeger on Mar 31, 2017

    Alcatel-Lucent Enterprises L3 switches of the so called OmniSwitch family are supported by Ca Spectrum in software versions AOS5 and AOS6. For this devices the vendor ships vendor specific mibs underneath OID
    Starting with software version AOS7 and later Alcatel-Lucent shifted to a Linux based OS - for those devices the vendor provides mibs under OID as it was a completely different/new OS.


    While the former devices (those with AOS5 and AOS6) are fully supported by Ca Spectrums Model type "AlcatelOmniSwitch" the latter have just basic support as "Generic SNMP Device".


    Respective device OIDs/ types are i.e. (not exhaustive):

     Alcatel-Lucent OS10K    Alcatel-Lucent OS6900-Q32    Alcatel-Lucent OS6900-T20    Alcatel-Lucent OS6900-T40    Alcatel-Lucent OS6900-X20    Alcatel-Lucent OS6900-X40    Alcatel-Lucent OS6900-X72


    Please vendor-certify OmniSwitch devices running AOS7 and up for Ca Spectrum as these are the manufacturers actual hardware which make up a significant part of our and probably other customers environments.