respond to all ideas in a timely manner

Idea created by mwegner on Apr 7, 2017

    There are ideas that have had more than 30 votes for more than a year that are still marked as new.  There are ideas that are marked as queued for development that have been in that state for several major releases with no updates.  There are ideas that have been under review for years with no updates.  If product management can't respond to ideas in a timely manner, why are we bothering to submit them?  Ideas that reach the 30 vote threshold should be evaluated and responded to within a matter of days.  Ideas that are under review should be reviewed and either accepted or rejected within a matter of weeks.  Ideas that are queued for implementation should have an estimated release number assigned to them.




    Customizable Color Pallete 

    Forward spectrum "Scheduled Mainenance" to eHealth "Planned Downtime" 

    LiveView with fast poll rates 

    Spectrum NCM GUI 

    Robust User Audit Logging 

    NCM policies - add support for if, and, and or within multi-line blocks 

    Differntiate physical and virtual links within Topology Map 

    OneClick - Performance - Recording 

    Allow Spectrum to change all model attributes including Model type     when a model is reconfigured and changes are detected. 

    Don't destroy formattings of the Spectrum EventDisp and CsEvFormat files after modifications with the Event Configurator 

    Popup message box in front of OneClick