Make Toolset's Action Diagram scrollbar work the same way as every source code editor

Idea created by julio.ezequiel.decastro on Apr 10, 2017
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    On the action diagram, when contracting statements or events, the scrollbar of the toolset does not move smooth.


    When the scroll is is moving through the contracted blocks of code, the scrollbar moves in "blocks". This is more evident with big blocks of code.


    Also, if the last event of a window is contracted, the scrollbar cannot go to the end of the action diagram.


    Please, see attached videos for examples.


    This behaviour is a little rare for any developer. A developer should expect that when contracting some group of statements/code on a source code editor, the position and size of the scrollbar is recalculated. So that when transitioning through blocks of code, the scrollbar moves progressively/smooth.


    We'd like to request a change on the way the scrollbar works.


    Best regards.