AOF - Rule Testing Enhancement

Idea created by Keijones on Apr 13, 2017
    • chaos1.1
    • JHoelmer
    • Keijones
    • DButts1
    • DaveB80129
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    • Evans_John
    • MarcelvanEk

    I would like to see the ability added to the AOF TEST facility to allow us to point the facility to a restored version of an archived OPSLOG, or perhaps just the ability to pull messages from a restored OPSLOG and place them into the AOF Test dataset member used for testing.


    Some messages we need to validate either new code or changes to existing code, can often times be archived off the active log. When this occurs, we manually create a message, however they would never contain the entire message values set for a real message.


    Trying to validate coding changes or provide test data into a change record has at times been difficult. Having the ability to pull messages into the testing facility test member to run our tests with actual data, would greatly improve our ability to provide this information in our changes as well as validate the code that we tested with would perform the same on a live system.