Can we have a way to mark a location (or other object) be marked for Special Handling/'VIP'?

Idea created by RichFTB on Apr 20, 2017
    Not planned

    We have a situation where our help desk would like to have all users reporting issues and filing requests from certain locations be marked for special handling.  We would use this for VIPs like executives at a corporate headquarters, high priority projects from a development center, or if a certain site was continuously experiencing issues.  Changing every user at each location is time consuming and many users move from one location to the next so having to update their contact record each time would be a hassle.  Since you have to provide a location for each ticket, tying the special handling flag to that would provide the most benefit for our users. 


    I could see this working in a similar fashion for organizations where they deal with important matters for the company so their tickets would need to stand out.  It may also prove helpful for marking Configuration Items or even a category of Configuration Items as a high priority issue as they pertain to a customer facing application that would need to draw the assigned groups attention.


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