CA WAAE (AutoSys) integration with CA PRIME (PIM)

Idea created by scarrobis on May 30, 2017

    I am not sure many firms have PRIME and do not realize it is a CA product, now? :-)

    As Autosys Users everything involved with autosys either goes through eEM and/or autosys_secure (for windows machines and plugin passwords)

    This becomes a task when users will be in a position where they do not know the password in a PRIME environment so the ability to set autosys_secure will be difficult. yes we could use the CLI to grab the password and fill in the blanks in autosys_secure however, it may make life easier if we could use/have a hook into the products as a setting .. or have a feature to sync the 2 or use one over the other.

    I am not on the PRIME team but I do know it's coming and the impact it will have once fully indoctrinated , as it pertains to AutoSys setup and maintenance. 

    This will have to be a growing dialogue. 


    Thank you 


    Steve C.